Template for Baptismal Ordinance Program

This is a baptismal ordinance program that can be modified to fit any denomination.

I am going to conduct a baptism for my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) this Saturday and was tasked with creating a program for the event. I looked around and all the templates I found looked pretty dated. This is my attempt at something a bit updated.

I chose some classic elements, including an image of Christ being baptized by John the Baptist by immersion. The front image continues onto the back, where there can be either a scripture or words to a hymn (or whatever you like, really). The inside contains a typical program layout, which can obviously be changed, followed by another image of Christ and a scripture about baptism.

The images that I used can be found in my Life of Christ themepack / wallpaper pack. I recommend downloading it and giving it a whirl. The images are works of art done by masters throughtout the centures.

Baptismal Program 1 Baptismal Program 1

Download Baptismal Program

Update 11 April 2015: I’ve embedded the fonts, so it should look like the image above even if you don’t have the same fonts installed on your computer.


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