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I am going to conduct a baptism for my church (Mormon, or LDS) this Saturday and was tasked with creating a program for the event. I looked around and all the templates I found were lacking in design sense. Comic Sans was a common theme, unfortunately. I’ll be honest, I’m no graphic designer, but when I squint really hard I do have half an eye for design.

I chose some classic elements, including an image of Christ being baptized by John the Baptist, by immersion. The front image continues onto the back, where there can be either a scripture or words to a hymn (or whatever you like, really). The inside contains a typical program layout, which can obviously be changed, followed by another image of Christ and a scripture about baptism. This program can be modified to fit any denomination.

I’ve thrown what I’ve created up here in hopes that someone else might stumble upon it and find it helpful. Also, the images that I used can be found in my Life of Christ themepack / wallpaper pack. I highly recommend downloading it and giving it a whirl. The images are beautiful.

Baptismal Program 1 Baptismal Program 1

Download LDS Baptismal Program

Update 11 April 2015: I’ve embedded the fonts, so it should look like the image above even if you don’t have the same fonts installed on your computer.