From Cebu City To Carcar, or, How I Met My XR200

Finally, things are starting to get off the ground. On Tuesday of this week I finally checked out of the Diplomat hotel. I returned the scooter back to Paul W and hopped on a couple jeepneys to get to the south bus terminal. Hauling my bag around was a huge pain. I rode a mini-bus down about 40 km to Carcar city, where I met up with Paul P., who offered to rent me a XR200 for a bargain. He needed to have a new chain put on it and have it serviced so I roomed up at the Traveler’s Inn in Carcar. A decent aircon room was ₱500. It took the whole next day to get the bike taken care of so I stayed another night. Here’s the bike:

The next day (Thursday) I called the airport to inquire into the status of my lost bag and IT HAS ARRIVED! I was so happy. I took the XR200 up to Cebu City (about 1 – 1.5hrs to the airport) and hot a nice sunburn on my hands, knees and arms in the process. When I arrived I confirmed my bag truly had arrived, over 1 week late. Thanks Korean Air, thanks. Anyway, I threw my gear on and noticed that a bag of gatorade packets and my motorcycle goggles were missing. They even took the replacement lenses I brought for the goggles. It was only worth about $35 total but I was a little put out. Thankfully the sunglasses I took with me work well enough.

After I got my gear put on I headed back to the motorcycle. If I got looks before, boy did I get them now! I don’t have a picture of myself with all my gear but I’ll get one shortly. The ride back to Carcar was a trial to see if I could handle the heat with 20 lbs of nylon on me. The gear I have is wonderful, perfect hot weather riding gear. Once I get up to about 10mph I can’t tell I’m wearing them at all, the breeze cuts right through the mesh. Overall I’m very happy. Of course, sitting at a stop light is a little annoying especially in the city where it absolutely never cools down because of all the asphalt and concrete.

I made it back to Carcar and decided to leave some of my gear with Paul P, like my tent (pension houses are plentiful) and a few other things I left to lighten my load. Even still, it’s going to be a feat packing my bag on the back of this thing securely. With all that it started getting dark and so I stayed another night at Traveler’s Inn. It’s Friday morning now and I’m going into town today to see how much it will cost to make a rack for the back of the bike and also to get the 12v car adapter installed.

I will admit I am a little homesick right now, a little homesick for Julie, Claire, and Charlie (but mostly Julie).

Before I go, here’s a picture of a breakfast I feasted upon last week. MMMM…

This is an entry in my Philippines 2010 travel log. Thanks for reading!



Bike looks good. A rack will be helpful. Maybe Paul P. will value it enough to reduce the rent. What is the $ to php conversion rate? Take care. More pics!


I'm glad you miss me more than Charlie ;) and Claire. I miss you too, it has been a long two weeks but your adventures are just beginning! I'm glad you can finally head out. And I'm glad you finally have your bag! That's rotten that all that stuff got stolen though. That bugs.



Thanks for your comment and question. I paid 500php (check for an exchange rate for your currency) for an ok room with a private bathroom and air conditioning. You can get a cheaper room with a common bathroom or an electric fan. Hope this helps.

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