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For a long time I have held the belief that, as children of God, we all face different trials during our respective extended stays away from Him. I’m really talking about soul-deep trials and not superficial problems we encounter from day to day. I further believe that, although our trials are very different and unique, we are all tried in the same measure. With this view God is ultimately fair. I believe that the extent of our trials rests much on how we respond to them. And that is what this short blog post is about.

The analogy of a mountain in the context of such trials is probably overused and no doubt clichéd, but I hope you’ll forgive me; it is the most appropriate image I can conjure.

Life is a journey. Sometimes this journey takes me places I would rather not be, such as looking up at the only path as it leads up a craggy, dangerous peak. At the summit I am usually dismayed to see an even larger range of mountains not far off, my path leading directly into the ugliest parts.

Often, (and this is the greatest disservice I can do for myself) I view my mountains as obstacles to be stepped over with a single superhuman effort. But my legs aren’t long enough and I am far too weak to climb or jump these mountains like that. I lose hope. But while I am weak, I have the power to take my tiny, weak step. And I have the power to do it again.

A mountain is mounted with a single step. A simple, single, even tiny step is all that is necessary to climb any mountain. Without it, the tiniest clod is towering and impassable.

When I take such a step I am stepping into God’s arms. He will carry me much further than a single step or bound would take me. So I am never alone; at the very base of my mountains, even at the bottom of a dark cave at the base of my mountains, I am never alone. When I’m taking these steps, God is with me.